Some say, ‘What gets measured gets done,’ while others say, ‘What matters gets measured.’ Whatever
the variation of this saying the one constant is the importance of measurement as a determinant of
success; after all, numbers don’t lie. Now more than ever, brands must use data to determine their post
Covid-19 existence. Now more than ever brand managers have to ask tough questions regarding their
relevance and reach in light of the new reality such as, ‘What are the tangible and intangible brand
assets? What brand value has been lost or gained during and after the pandemic? How can the brand
increase its value and how can its marketing be improve?

The position of ‘Brand Manager’ may seem like an unenviable position to be in but this is far from the
truth; there exist credible, seasoned research institutions that can develop tools to decipher customer
assumptions and decision making processes, mine this data and arrive at calculations and conclusions to
arrive and a brand’s value, proposition, positioning and preference. These findings form the basis for
identifying emerging markets and trends and thereby inform branding and marketing interventions that
drive business performance.

The next few months and years will be the litmus test to determine which brands sink or swim. Brands
that will keep afloat, albeit barely, must consider certain pertinent issues. For starters, how is their
brand perceived? A key determinant to unlocking this nugget is by deriving gender segregated data
because men and women perceive brands differently. This is critical because women are the largest
emerging consumer market; therefore winning women over is winning business! Targeted brand
research gives clear insightful signals of brand performance and its affiliation by different consumer

Brands must also interrogate whether or not they have the right brand architecture or strategy in place.
Research provides robust understanding of the brand’s current positioning. The effectiveness of
alternative architectures is tested through analysis, to determine which option(s) will stimulate the most
favourable customer behaviour and financial results.
Brands that want to get noticed and talked about must invest in the market segments and to do this
effectively, they must know and understand what this consumer market needs, wants and values.
Brands that identify and address their female consumer needs and wants will weather the storm and
smile all the way to the bank.


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