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80% of women have some form of income with 59% either employed or running business

Her Employment Status

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Income Status

Women who have no income have decreased by 5% in 2023 compared to 2022. Low income earners have however substantially increased by 8% whereas women in the middle-income bracket have decreased by 5%.

Icome Category Comparison 2023 vs 2022

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Comparison in Employment Status 2022 vs 2023

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Of Kenyan women have some form of employment either employed or running business. This is up 9% from 2021 levels


As more and more women get education their income increases, they continue to become more influential in the Market

Her Work and Income Implications

In the end, the fact that 80% of women in Kenya have some kind of income has important business effects, such as more diversity and inclusion, chances to grow the market, and the chance to be more productive and creative. Companies that make it a priority to hire and keep women are likely to have better financial results, a more loyal customer base, and a more welcoming attitude at work.