About Top 100 Brands

The Top 100 Most Loved Brands by Women in Kenya study is a partnership between Kenya’s leading market research and consulting firm Ipsos and brand and business advisory consultancy BSD Group. The first edition of the study was launched in March, 2021.

Ipsos undertook a countrywide study where they interviewed 1000 women aged 18 – 65, which is representative of the women population in Kenya. Insights drawn from the study elaborate how women drive consumer purchase decisions as the primary shoppers for their homes. Women make up 80% of consumer decisions worldwide.

The Top 100 Most Loved Brands by Women in Kenya study is the only national brand ranking study ever conducted, with insights that inform, empower and enrich the understanding of women as a market segment.

About the Study

The top 100 most loved brands by Women in Kenya

The study leverages and highlights the potential opportunities that brands, businesses or other non-commercial organisations may lose by not understanding female consumers. It is an innovative and disruptive tool aimed at accelerating gender parity, equity and fair engagement for women in boardroom decisions that drive the creation, production, pricing, communication and delivery of products, services and causes.

The data seeks to challenge the current status quo and provide empirical evidence, data and insights to investors, business owners, brand managers, policy makers who are key to building a more enabling environment for women markets to thrive.

About the  Insights

The Top 100 Most Loved Brands by Women in Kenya study also seeks to:

  • Drive thought leadership on the value of capital inclusion and economic focus by businesses for young African women
  • Increase market interest in the study and understanding of woman’s purchasing behaviour in order to respond to their needs, aspirations, desires, fears and anxieties.
  • Engage key stakeholders to alter any inequities in building brands targeted at women

●  Drive advocacy to policy makers, economists and the media based on the outcomes and insights of the survey

Top 100 2023 Study Launch