Social media has become an important tool for social and professional advancement especially among women. Many women have built their businesses online and in the process have learnt how to connect with others. The vast majority find clients to buy and sell their products online. Others find platforms to incubate ideas, leading to hundreds if not millions of social enterprises that not only spur economic growth but directly empower young men and women economically. They have also learned how to improve their entrepreneurship skills online.
Findings by Top 100 Most Loved Brands by Women in Kenya study, also highlight that women in Kenya are embracing technology, particularly smartphones and social media platforms, for various purposes such as communication, information-seeking, entertainment, and online shopping. However, cyberbullying remains a significant concern, and efforts to raise
awareness, promote safe online practices, and combat cyberbullying are crucial to ensure that women can fully benefit from the opportunities offered by technology.
The Study commissioned by Ipsos KE and BSD Group further suggests that up to 70 percent of women have faced cyber-violence and that women are 27 times more likely than men to be harassed online. This means that digital spaces can be both empowering and dangerous to women.
There is also need for strengthening women and girls’ inclusion in innovation and technology, close the digital gender divide to address digital violence.
Additionally the country risks derailing decades of efforts and progress in curbing cyberbullying against women. The government must therefore ensure that all girls and women can access digital technology and are taught the skills to use it safely and efficiently.

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